December 4, 2006 
Babygadget – contemporary finds for modern tots

I found this great book and blanket gift set. The book is titled ‘Blanket Full of Love‘ and tells a story of a child growing up with a blanket and how the warmth and comfort it brings symbolizes his parents’ love (you can flip through some of the pages on the site). Yeah, real heartstring-tuggin’ stuff. But what’s really special about this book is that you can customize it with your child’s full name so that he/she is the main character in the book. Not only that, you can even customize the appearance of the character in the book to resemble your child (mostly gender, skin and hair color). I imagine the toughest part will be trying to write the dedication (which they’ll also print in the book). In spite of what our Governator says, I’m no girlie-man. I watch my share of football, scratch myself occasionally, own my own set of power tools, and I try to abide by the ‘Man Laws’ to the best of my ability. But I can’t help but get choked up every time I think of what I would tell my son when he’s old enough to read or perhaps when he’s reading it after I’ve passed away. See what I mean?

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