Keepsake Blankets Are Back And Better Than Ever!


We hope you’ve noticed our gorgeous new Blanket Full of Love keepsake blankets. These newly designed treasures are super-soft and are made of the ‘minky’ fabric that we know you love. The new blankets have the Blanket Full of Love heart and logo embroidered into the corner, and are backed with a cozy, plush ivory fabric.  We know that you and your kids are going to love these!

So what’s been going on with blankets? If you’ve been a long-time Starrytime customer (and we know that many of you are, and love you for it!), you may remember our original ‘minky’ keepsake blankets. These blankets were very similar to the ones available now; in fact, the only real difference between them is that the logo used to be in the center and is now in the corner, and the ivory fabric on the back is now plusher and thicker. We know how much you loved those original keepsake blankets, but because of some supplier issues we were unable to provide them to you for a few years.  But we heard you, and they’re back! Best of all, we are now able to send blankets in the same box as personalized books, once again enabling customers to send book-and-blanket gift sets directly to the beloved kids in their lives.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new blankets!

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