To Starrytime’s Beloved Customers… This Is For You

I want to direct this post to Starrytime’s loyal customers and fans. I want you to know that our new website is for you. I know you probably hear that kind of thing a lot, but in this case, it’s absolutely true.

I wrote Blanket Full of Love more than ten years ago, when my oldest daughter was a baby, and started Starrytime Keepsakes a couple years later. Technology was different then, and we had to find some creative ways to get our personalized books made.  After experiencing some supplier issues, a difficult decision had to be made as to whether to continue offering Blanket Full of Love personalized books and to keep’s virtual doors open. After a lot of analysis and soul searching, the decision ultimately came down to one thing – our loyal customers.

The bottom line for me is that I love Starrytime’s customers. Deeply. I have had the honor to speak and correspond with so many lovely, caring, truly honorable people who care about a product I helped to make. This has been a rare gift.  Many times I’ve been inspired by the depth of love you have for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and family, and the lengths to which you’ve gone to express that love.

And so I dedicate this new website to you.

To Maureen, who took the time to share her photos of her three little grand-pumpkins with their three keepsake blankies… this is for you.

To Kay, whose niece lost a courageous battle with cancer, but who was determined that her grand-niece would always know her mother’s love… this is for you.

To Michael, whose service caused him to miss some of his precious baby’s milestones, but who recorded a video so that, every night, his baby girl got a story from Daddy… this is for you.

To Gretchen, who wanted her baby nephew to know how much his dad, who went too soon, loved him… this is for you.

To Ed, whose voice was thick with love for his wife, with whom he will no longer share the raising of his grand kids but whose memory he is determined to keep alive for them… this is for you.

For the many, many customers who have taken the time to share their stories of love and devotion for the children in your lives, this is for you. It is literally because of you that our new website and book exists, and that it will continue to tell children that they are loved, hopefully for years to come.

Thank you for reminding me what this is really all about.

Kim Freeman
Author, Blanket Full of Love and Founder of Starrytime Keepsakes

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