Reindeer Dust – A cute and simple gift to make

By popular demand, we are reposting Starrytime’s Reindeer Dust instructions and poem. This is a cute and easy gift to make with your kids and give to friends. Enjoy!

Count Down Gift Reindeer Dust

For a cute, inexpensive gift for friends, a Christmas eve surprise for your kids (something other than pajamas!), or to fill the center of your 12 Days of Christmas Count Down Gift, make some Magic Reindeer Dust (some people also call it Santa Dust). Mix some quick oats with glitter – we use a mixture of red, white and green. Place a small amount in a plastic pouch or tiny box, tie it up with a ribbon and add a note that says “Open me December 24th”. I like to add a note with a poem. Feel free to use this one – it’s ours, and you’re welcome to it:


Tonight’s the night! Santa’s soon on his way.
You’ve waited so long for tomorrow’s big day.

But what if it’s cloudy, or foggy, or grey
and Santa’s not able to land his big sleigh?

This pouch holds some magic that glows very bright
and is mixed with some food for the reindeer’s delight.

Just sprinkle this mixture all over your lawn
so Santa will come to your house before dawn.

Make a wish as you sprinkle, and hope it comes true.
Say “Thank you dear Santa, for all that you do”.

Don’t forget Santa’s snack, inside, on a plate
Then head off to bed before it’s too late.

Then maybe tomorrow you’ll wake up and see
something special for you, waiting under the tree.

 Enjoy the season!

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