Start a Letter-a-Year Tradition On Your Baby’s First Birthday

Each year, on my daughter’s birthday, I write a letter to her. I tell her about that year, her friends, what she’s like, how I feel about her and what’s going on with our family. I usually paste in some cute photos from the year as well. Then I seal the letter and place it in the keepsake box we created on her First Birthday. Someday, when my daughters are grown, I plan to take all the letters and compile them into a really personal custom-printed book for each of them.

Although you can start this any year, it’s best done on your first child’s first birthday. That way all children will have the same thing – a birthday a year, starting on their first birthday. Then they can really see how you (and they) have grown and changed over the years. And I imagine that comparing their letters when they’re older will be a great bonding experience for my two daughters, not to mention a potentially embarrassing time for me. But then again, what brings two siblings together better than making fun of their mom?

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