First Birthday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect first birthday gift can be tough, I know. Not only have I gone through it twice with my girls, but I get calls every week from parents and grandparents who have been searching for just the right gift. The first birthday is an important milestone that should be properly commemorated, but what to get? Toys and clothes will be outgrown in just a few months, and the child doesn’t really need much.

Of course we recommend our Blanket Full of Love personalized books and blankets (available at, because they can be used now at bedtime and can be tucked away as a keepsake for later. You can’t say that about too many gifts. The nature of the story itself also works well for first birthdays, as the narrator is reflecting on the child’s past and thinking about his or her future. I guess that’s why the vast majority of our customers first buy our products as first birthday gifts.

But what else can you, or a loved one, give as a first birthday gift? Here are some ideas:

– A Keepsake Box – On my daughter’s first birthday I found a lovely large wooden keepsake box and had a plate engraved at the mall with her name and birthdate. I then went through all the keepsakes I’d thrown into a shoebox throughout the year – the baby book, a baby’s first year calendar I’d completed, hospital bracelets, a going-home-from the hospital outfit, a favorite (but completely ripped) baby blanket (now you know some of the inspiration for Blanket Full of Love!), and some other odds and ends I treasured. I organized and labelled them, and wrote down some of the memories I associated with each. These first-year keepsakes went into one section of the box, and now special notes, cards, teeth, report cards, medals and drawings go into the other sections.

– Personalized Toy Chest –as you know, I love personalized gifts! One of the cutest things I’ve seen is a toy chest with personalized tiles. Just get a plain-topped chest, then go to your local craft store for ceramic tiles, paint, and grout. At the First Birthday Party (or baby shower – this works well for showers too), ask each guest to paint a tile with a personal message to the baby. Once all the tiles are done, they can be grouted onto the toy chest and used for years to come.

– Personalized Name Stool – If your baby isn’t walking yet, he will be soon! In the next year or two there will be sinks and potties to reach. There are some adorable stools available online (try searching ‘personalized gifts’ or ‘personalized name stools’) that have the child’s name right on the top – some have letters attached right to the stool, and others are puzzle pieces.

What are your favorite first birthday gift ideas?

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