Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide – The Best Gifts Create Traditions

Baby’s first Christmas is a magical time when new parents get to create their own family traditions. The way to make the first Christmas truly memorable is to give something that will commemorate or help to create those traditions. That way everyone can enjoy memories of this special time for years to come.

Getting the right gift is important. Here are some ideas:

– Personalized Books – Christmas is a great time to start a book-a-night tradition, if parents haven’t done so already. A personalized book will make the memory of that first Christmas stay alive each time it’s read. Starrytime Keepsakes’ Blanket Full of Love is a touching personalized book about a baby blanket that reminds a child how much she’s loved, as she grows. The book features the child’s name and likeness throughout, and a dedication can be written specifically for the occasion. It can be paired with a personalized blanket for a memorable keepsake.

– Personalized Christmas Ornaments – A tree ornament to commemorate baby’s first Christmas is a must for all new parents. One that features the child’s picture is particularly treasured. Hand-painted First Christmas ornaments that include a photo are available at Rosenberry Rooms, and Kimbra Studios has simple, heirloom-quality ornaments that are made-to-order with the child’s photograph.

– Santa Cookie Plates – Even if baby is too young to understand, the First Christmas is a great time to start a cookies-for-Santa tradition. Personalized plates and mugs make a great gift, as they mark the occasion of the first Christmas, but are a useful way to display Santa’s treats for years to come. Lenox makes a sweet, traditional version.

– Matching Family Pajamas – Taking a photo in front of the tree is a classic tradition that can be started on baby’s First Christmas. To make it even more fun, get matching pajamas for the whole family and don them in the photo. Hannah Andersson always has a great selection.

– Picture Frames – Picture frames are always a great gift, and personalized frames are even more memorable. Pottery Barn Kids has a gorgeous silver-leaf Baby’s First Year frame that displays a photo for each month of baby’s first year, or could be used for in-front-of-the-tree photos for the child’s first twelve years. For an extra $7 you can have the child’s name added to the matting.

– Jewelry – For a splurge gift for baby girl (from Grandma and Grandpa, or a god parent perhaps?), some upscale jewelers sell pearl-a-year necklaces or bracelets. Add-a-Pearl allows you to create one online. This makes annual gift-giving easy for years to come. Then later, the special young lady will have a gorgeous, wearable keepsake of her holidays and her grandparents or other special someone.

– Don’t Forget The Fun! – Just because baby is too young to fully appreciate the importance of the occasion, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have fun gifts! For babies, it’s all about the wrapping. Besides small toys, consider wrapping a soother or rattle (something noisy) in a tube or a large, easy to open box so you can enjoy watching baby rip her first Christmas paper open.

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