A Low-Key First Birthday Party

Over the years I’ve talked to many customers who are busy planning their baby’s first birthday party, and have come to realize that the first birthday can be a tough one to plan.

In our home, we’ve always had private, immediate-family only parties. Our first daughter’s first birthday was a party for three, and was one of the most memorable moments in our post-children life.  We wrapped a few small gifts – things that were easy for our baby girl to wrap and to open – along with some of her favourite things, like her stuffed elephant. I ordered a cake (I don’t bake) topped with her favourite character, bought some silly hats and made a simple dinner.  We sang Happy Birthday and plopped the huge cake onto her high chair and let her have at it! Without a bunch of guests around we were able to really focus on her, got some great photos, and my husband and I were able to have a private toast to each other for surviving our first year as parents.

How do you plan to spend your child’s first birthday? What are your thoughts?

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