Prime Time for Story Time

It’s never too early to start reading with your little one. Including story time in the bedtime routine has proven to have many benefits. Not only is it a great bonding experience with endless cuddles, it’s also great for developing a child’s brain.

The greatest benefit of reading is the early development of language skills. The wait time to hear that first “Mama” or “Dada” will shorten because the child will be more familiar with your native language. By routinely reading out loud to your child it builds a network of vocabulary in their brain. It’s simple; the more words they hear the better they will be able to speak those words themselves.

Research shows that children who were routinely read to before bed are more likely to begin reading on their own at an earlier age. The more you read to your child, the quicker you’ll be able to put your renowned story time voice away and finally sit back and let your child read to you!

But perhaps the biggest perk of reading to your child is the connection between you and your child. The sound of your voice and the warmth of your body soothe your child. Before they close their eyes to fall asleep your voice is the last sound they hear. There is no better way to end their day than reading a personalized storybook that reassures the child that they are loved by people both near and far.

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Stop Giving Onesies, Start Creating Keepsakes

A child’s first birthday is no doubt a special time. You have watched them develop their own unique personality, likes, dislikes and quarks. Whether your child, grandchild or godchild, you care deeply about this young girl/boy and want to find them the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone.

A first birthday gift is difficult to find. By now the child has a closet full of onesies and dozens of toys that Mom finds herself constantly organizing. Each toy fascinates them for a few seconds until they move onto something else. The truth of the matter is that the child isn’t going to remember the gift you gave unless it is a gift that can be kept for many years to come.

A Gift That Stands Out

Age one is the perfect time to start a keepsake box for the child. This box can contain anything from birthday cards to favorite clothes to handmade original crafts. Some may even add a lock of their child’s hair to show how the color has changed over the years!

The box doesn’t have to be anything special. Craft stores have many choices of colors and styles of boxes that you can then decorate yourself or leave it how it is. If shopping at a craft store seems like a daunting task you can even grab an old shoebox and wrap it in the newspaper from that particular birthday as an extra addition.

The Perfect Add On

Make sure to leave room in your keepsake box for the Starrytime Blanket Full of Love set. The Blanket Full of Love blanket and book set includes a personalized embroidered blanket as well as a custom book that is illustrated to look like the child. Inside the cover of the book you are able to leave a personal dedication to express your love for the child. This set is both presently practical for the child enjoy story time and a great keepsake item to bring back memories for the child in the future.

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Keepsake Blankets Are Back And Better Than Ever!


We hope you’ve noticed our gorgeous new Blanket Full of Love keepsake blankets. These newly designed treasures are super-soft and are made of the ‘minky’ fabric that we know you love. The new blankets have the Blanket Full of Love heart and logo embroidered into the corner, and are backed with a cozy, plush ivory fabric.  We know that you and your kids are going to love these!

So what’s been going on with blankets? If you’ve been a long-time Starrytime customer (and we know that many of you are, and love you for it!), you may remember our original ‘minky’ keepsake blankets. These blankets were very similar to the ones available now; in fact, the only real difference between them is that the logo used to be in the center and is now in the corner, and the ivory fabric on the back is now plusher and thicker. We know how much you loved those original keepsake blankets, but because of some supplier issues we were unable to provide them to you for a few years.  But we heard you, and they’re back! Best of all, we are now able to send blankets in the same box as personalized books, once again enabling customers to send book-and-blanket gift sets directly to the beloved kids in their lives.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new blankets!

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