Prime Time for Story Time

It’s never too early to start reading with your little one. Including story time in the bedtime routine has proven to have many benefits. Not only is it a great bonding experience with endless cuddles, it’s also great for developing a child’s brain.

The greatest benefit of reading is the early development of language skills. The wait time to hear that first “Mama” or “Dada” will shorten because the child will be more familiar with your native language. By routinely reading out loud to your child it builds a network of vocabulary in their brain. It’s simple; the more words they hear the better they will be able to speak those words themselves.

Research shows that children who were routinely read to before bed are more likely to begin reading on their own at an earlier age. The more you read to your child, the quicker you’ll be able to put your renowned story time voice away and finally sit back and let your child read to you!

But perhaps the biggest perk of reading to your child is the connection between you and your child. The sound of your voice and the warmth of your body soothe your child. Before they close their eyes to fall asleep your voice is the last sound they hear. There is no better way to end their day than reading a personalized storybook that reassures the child that they are loved by people both near and far.

Order your personalized Blanket Full of Love book to express your love for your child and support their literacy development by clicking here

Stop Giving Onesies, Start Creating Keepsakes

A child’s first birthday is no doubt a special time. You have watched them develop their own unique personality, likes, dislikes and quarks. Whether your child, grandchild or godchild, you care deeply about this young girl/boy and want to find them the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone.

A first birthday gift is difficult to find. By now the child has a closet full of onesies and dozens of toys that Mom finds herself constantly organizing. Each toy fascinates them for a few seconds until they move onto something else. The truth of the matter is that the child isn’t going to remember the gift you gave unless it is a gift that can be kept for many years to come.

A Gift That Stands Out

Age one is the perfect time to start a keepsake box for the child. This box can contain anything from birthday cards to favorite clothes to handmade original crafts. Some may even add a lock of their child’s hair to show how the color has changed over the years!

The box doesn’t have to be anything special. Craft stores have many choices of colors and styles of boxes that you can then decorate yourself or leave it how it is. If shopping at a craft store seems like a daunting task you can even grab an old shoebox and wrap it in the newspaper from that particular birthday as an extra addition.

The Perfect Add On

Make sure to leave room in your keepsake box for the Starrytime Blanket Full of Love set. The Blanket Full of Love blanket and book set includes a personalized embroidered blanket as well as a custom book that is illustrated to look like the child. Inside the cover of the book you are able to leave a personal dedication to express your love for the child. This set is both presently practical for the child enjoy story time and a great keepsake item to bring back memories for the child in the future.

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Read A Sample of Blanket Full of Love Personalized Children’s Book

If you haven’t read it, here is a sample of Blanket Full of Love, the personalized children’s book that tells a child she is loved. This is a girl version – the boy version features a blue cover and blanket.

Note that the verses that contain the child’s name change slightly in order to make the rhythm of the rhymes sound their best.

Personalized Children's Book - Blanket Full of Love cover

You choose the color of the cover – blue for boys and pink for girls – as well as the look of the main character. Choose from 10 versions of boys and 10 versions of girls one that looks most like the child. The book features a gorgeous hard cover and is 8.75″ x 11.25″.

personalized children's book

The dedication page is fully customizable, and can include the date the book was given, a much longer dedication, or whatever you like!personalized children's book

personalized children's book

personalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's bookpersonalized children's book

personalized children's book

Let us know what you think!

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Reindeer Dust – A cute and simple gift to make

By popular demand, we are reposting Starrytime’s Reindeer Dust instructions and poem. This is a cute and easy gift to make with your kids and give to friends. Enjoy!

Count Down Gift Reindeer Dust

For a cute, inexpensive gift for friends, a Christmas eve surprise for your kids (something other than pajamas!), or to fill the center of your 12 Days of Christmas Count Down Gift, make some Magic Reindeer Dust (some people also call it Santa Dust). Mix some quick oats with glitter – we use a mixture of red, white and green. Place a small amount in a plastic pouch or tiny box, tie it up with a ribbon and add a note that says “Open me December 24th”. I like to add a note with a poem. Feel free to use this one – it’s ours, and you’re welcome to it:


Tonight’s the night! Santa’s soon on his way.
You’ve waited so long for tomorrow’s big day.

But what if it’s cloudy, or foggy, or grey
and Santa’s not able to land his big sleigh?

This pouch holds some magic that glows very bright
and is mixed with some food for the reindeer’s delight.

Just sprinkle this mixture all over your lawn
so Santa will come to your house before dawn.

Make a wish as you sprinkle, and hope it comes true.
Say “Thank you dear Santa, for all that you do”.

Don’t forget Santa’s snack, inside, on a plate
Then head off to bed before it’s too late.

Then maybe tomorrow you’ll wake up and see
something special for you, waiting under the tree.

 Enjoy the season!

Reindeer Dust Poem Tag

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To Starrytime’s Beloved Customers… This Is For You

I want to direct this post to Starrytime’s loyal customers and fans. I want you to know that our new website is for you. I know you probably hear that kind of thing a lot, but in this case, it’s absolutely true.

I wrote Blanket Full of Love more than ten years ago, when my oldest daughter was a baby, and started Starrytime Keepsakes a couple years later. Technology was different then, and we had to find some creative ways to get our personalized books made.  After experiencing some supplier issues, a difficult decision had to be made as to whether to continue offering Blanket Full of Love personalized books and to keep’s virtual doors open. After a lot of analysis and soul searching, the decision ultimately came down to one thing – our loyal customers.

The bottom line for me is that I love Starrytime’s customers. Deeply. I have had the honor to speak and correspond with so many lovely, caring, truly honorable people who care about a product I helped to make. This has been a rare gift.  Many times I’ve been inspired by the depth of love you have for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and family, and the lengths to which you’ve gone to express that love.

And so I dedicate this new website to you.

To Maureen, who took the time to share her photos of her three little grand-pumpkins with their three keepsake blankies… this is for you.

To Kay, whose niece lost a courageous battle with cancer, but who was determined that her grand-niece would always know her mother’s love… this is for you.

To Michael, whose service caused him to miss some of his precious baby’s milestones, but who recorded a video so that, every night, his baby girl got a story from Daddy… this is for you.

To Gretchen, who wanted her baby nephew to know how much his dad, who went too soon, loved him… this is for you.

To Ed, whose voice was thick with love for his wife, with whom he will no longer share the raising of his grand kids but whose memory he is determined to keep alive for them… this is for you.

For the many, many customers who have taken the time to share their stories of love and devotion for the children in your lives, this is for you. It is literally because of you that our new website and book exists, and that it will continue to tell children that they are loved, hopefully for years to come.

Thank you for reminding me what this is really all about.

Kim Freeman
Author, Blanket Full of Love and Founder of Starrytime Keepsakes

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