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Most people may know what ERP software is and what can be used for. However, to find an excellent ERP software for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and fit manufacturing businesses is not that simple. Most ERP alternatives are costly, heavy, difficult to use and implement. Do you know you have another choice to use world-class manufacturing ERP applications without a cent? If you’re seeking a free manufacturing ERP, 2BizBox ERP () is amazing applications really worth your time. 2BizBox is free ERP applications designed for manufacturing business. It is a thorough ERP system that offers best practice support for make to order manufacturing company version. For most SMBs, the requirement of customers, efficient management, price and quality control challenges them, and locating new customers to grow. SMBs don’t have large funding and professional IT staff for ERP software. Most ERP applications is complex and too expensive for SMBs.

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They need a remedy to enable them get competitive in the market and to implement ERP. It’s vital to find ERP applications that would fit their vision of the system that is perfect. With 2BizBox ERP, you have another alternative. 2BizBox is the free ERP applications in manufacturing sector. 2BizBox ERP is an ideal alternative for all small business to implement ERP system with no applications price. 2BizBox continues to be developed for 20 years. A little team started working on the first generation of 2BizBox which is based on DOS and dBase system and was founded in 1990. The team members were handled several manufacturing businesses and had rich expertise on production management.

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The team aimed to build simple-to-use, lightweight applications for all managed businesses and the fabricating sector. Over years, the applications has been used by 100 businesses in China, America and other counties. In 1999, the second create 2BizBox is developed based on Java and Web -based technology. In Wichita Falls, Texas and China Shanghai, the company opened two new development centers in 2004. A brand new 2BizBox v2.0 with a fresh framework and Java technology was designed and developed in those days. After long term development, 2BizBox continues to be carried out a powerful, complete ERP system for manufacturing businesses. We dedicate all our time to making ERP system that is free.

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Our assignment is to supply world class, free to use ERP solution for SMBs of production industry. 2BizBox ERP covers engineering, bookkeeping, sales, inventory, work order, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, HR, customer services 10 integrated modules and more than 100 sub modules. It’s assembled by Java technology and supports Windows and Linux platform. 2BizBox can be installed on in-house server or on-line server easily in minutes. 2BizBox is compatible with Excel and PDF. It supports boundless level of Bill of Materials, multiple currencies, barcode and serial number tracking, printing checks, embedded standard manufacturing processes complying with ISO 9000 and ample reports like seller cargo and quality performance reporting etc. 2BizBox supports multiple companies set on single server.

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At precisely the same time, 2BizBox supports multiple language including Chinese and English. A lightweight MRP engine supplies the quick, instinctive and on the fly reports. 2BizBox designs while offering modules for fabricating management for example Work Order, Production, and utilize resources efficiently and Engineering modules to provide comprehensive direction for complete production processes. More importantly, 2BizBox is free. Free doesn’t mean a trail variant, an evaluation version, or a version that is free with limited functions. It means totally free. A normal game played other ERP applications vendors is offering a simplified “Free Version” to entice users to buy a full functional “Enterprise Version”.

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2BizBox consistently has just one variant for everyone. 2BizBox can be acquired by everyone with all functions and zero obstructions. We consider this is the only way to maximize the power of applications. 2BizBox is just not open sourced applications. We value the spirit of open source. We utilize open source frameworks at the same time. Nevertheless we consider functions and quality of the software are more important as opposed to source code for end users.

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Release every function we have for free and to offer an alternative with zero cost applications to everyone, 2BizBox empower SMBs the ability to use the power of modern computer and Internet technology. You use the applications, and we take care of it. Also, you are able to get all free resources and supports from our online community website: We consider the power of applications. We believe the power of free. Our vision will be to supply the greatest free manufacturing ERP applications for the world. We attempt to make the applications available for everyone without any limits, and maximize the power of the applications. Our business model would be to supply services base on user request. The services includes training, consulting, execution helper, etcing hosted by server Yet, you’ve got the total right to select not or services.

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The service isn’t bound with any part of the software and you’re never pressured to buy. Actually we encourage and consider most of companies can study, set up, implement and use the software by themselves. The service is just another alternative offered to you personally when you really need help. As a summation, it’s essential to choose ERP applications that is right for you. 2BizBox provides you with a complete strong, functional, lightweight and user-friendly alternative, and it’s also totally free. With 2BizBox, SMBs benefit from a completely integrated, easy-to-use and completely free ERP option to significantly reduce costs, improve the operation, improved stock and quality control and yield more sales. If you are a small manufacturing company without sufficient budget, if you’re willing to spend a while to study and try the software on your own, 2BizBox ERP is definitely an alternative and worth a try. It is time to use free ERP applications, and it’s time.

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