Put on a Smile, Wave Goodbye, and Shed a Tear Once You’ve Turned Away

You know what it’s like. You take your precious baby, whom you’ve nursed, fed and provided for, who’s been your constant companion, and hand her over to someone you hardly know. It might be a teacher, a babysitter, or a doctor – someone you’ve researched and talked to extensively. Someone you know you can trust. You know it’s the best thing for her, and for you. But something inside you screams ‘don’t go!’.  Still, you put on a smile, wave goodbye and shed a tear once you’ve turned away.

Today I let go of one of my babies – Blanket Full of Love – and hand it off to be produced, fulfilled and, for the most part, managed by our wonderful new partner, Sharedbook (read the press release here).  I have researched and talked to them at length. I know this is for the best.  it will mean lower prices, faster shipping, and a better ordering process for our customers, whose notes, pictures  and touching dedications have meant so much to me over the past three years.  

And now I pass you to someone new – someone I trust, who I know will get more smiles on more kids’ faces and allow for more beautiful dedications to be written and given.  I will still be here, and so will Starrytime, and we will be working so closely with Sharedbook that your experience should be a much better one than it’s been in the past.

Even though I know all of this, something inside me screams ‘don’t go!’.

But I’ll put on a smile, wave goodbye and shed a tear once I’ve turned away.

Kim Freeman
Blanket Full of Love author and Starrytime Keepsakes Ltd. founder


Have you ever felt this way? Tell us a story about a time you knew than ‘handing off’ your baby was the right thing to do but it still broke your heart. One story will be chosen at random and will win a gift certificate for a NEW Blanket Full of Love book! Winner will be chosen on Monday, November 7th.

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