First Birthday Gift Splurge – The Dreaded Portable DVD Player

As you might guess I tend to favor sentimental gifts – personalized gifts are always a favorite, and making a mom-friend cry is one of my greatest challenges. So of course I always give my friends a Blanket Full of Love personalized book as a baby gift or first birthday gift. But another great, somewhat more practical (albeit more expensive) gift is the dreaded portable DVD player.

Before I had kids I vowed my future children would rarely watch TV. And those glazed-eyed kids I saw sitting in front of a portable DVD player? Must be the product of terrible parents. But once I had kids of my own and realized that a mom has to do what a mom has to do, the merits of the portable DVD became obvious. On flights, long drives, waits at the passport office and even for the occasional dinner out, I view the portable DVD as a necessary evil for the toddler set. I’d much rather hand a toddler a relatively inexpensive portable DVD player (prices seem to be coming down all the time) than trust her with my precious phone, tablet or laptop.  And with that explanation written in the card, this gadget can be a surprisingly thoughtful gift for a grandchild, niece or nephew, or the child of a best friend. Especially if the child already has a Blanket Full of Love book that made the mom cry. 🙂

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