Have Party Guests Make a First Birthday Scrapbook

For me, a child’s first birthday is all about the photos and the keepsakes. After all, your baby’s too young to remember this important occasion! If you’re throwing a birthday party with family and friends, consider getting your guests involved to create something really special for your child.

I love the idea of asking first birthday party guests to help you make a memory journal or scrapbook. Buy a journal from your local stationery store and during the party ask each guest to write his or her favourite memory from the child’s first year, or to write a blessing for the baby. Leave the left pages blank, take a photo of each guest with the child and paste them in later.  Or if you think your guests might appreciate more time, ask them to write something at home, and bring it with them. This can also be done on online social media sites, where you can ask guests and other non-attending loved ones to write thoughts and upload photos, which can then be compiled into a beautiful custom- printed memory book.

For gift ideas, see my post on Great First Birthday Gifts, and of course take a look at our Blanket Full of Love personalized children’s book, which our customers say is a great personalized gift for baby, at www.Starrytime.com.

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